My washing machine does not drain

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Klepje van wasmachine filter

cover washing machine filter

A washing machine is of course a fantastic device that will save us lots of time, but the device may also be needed some maintenance. Otherwise it may happen that your machine is no longer recovering from the water. If water remains in the drum of your washing machine, you can not get the water from the washing machine without all kletsnet. In this article I will explain the different causes and how to solve it. Getting there still does not then help out our washing machine repair technicians like you naturally.

The causes are what?

Your washing machine drum can remain full of water because:

  1. the filter is clogged
  2. your water pump failure
  3. interrupted the wash program
  4. there is somewhere a blockade

How can you solve it?

wasmachine pomp filter schoonmaken

washer pump filter cleaning

Pull to begin the power plug. Open the cover. This is usually at the front of your washing machine. Behind this is a tube that allows you to drain the water. You can then gently rotate the filter from the machine and see if it is clean.

When the filter is completely clean, then check whether the blades can rotate the drain pump. In many cases, your washing machine issue resolved.

Help from a washing machine repair technician

Unfortunately, however, it may be that your washer after this inspection and cleaning is still not working. In dat geval is het het beste om een wasmachinemonteur Amsterdam te laten kijken.

Author: Appliance Repair Central Amsterdam