My washing machine is leaking, en there?

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Unfortunately, it often happens that a washing machine leaks. Since there are many hoses are in and out of the washing machine can have the leakage in many places cause his. In most cases, has to do with the leakage of the washing machine door seal, either the cuff. Also, there may be other causes, which we will discuss later in the article.

Leaks in the door seal

Door Seals, also called cuffs, often provide leaky washer from the inside. This may be because the cuff is dirty, for example, by soap scum. It may also be that of the rubber door seal is to crack, or that there are small holes have emerged. Your door seal is worn. You will then have a new cuff needed for your washer. Look before this conclusion does not always draw well there happens to pieces of cotton or anything else between your door gasket and the door glass. This may be because also ensure that your washing machine does not close properly and leakage.

The soap box leakage

zeepbak wasmachine lekt

soap dish washing machine leaks

Another common cause for a leak in your washing machine is leaking soap dish, also known as the soap dish tray. It may also be that your soap box is not cleaned properly and therefore gets hidden somewhere which there is too much pressure on a certain point and inundating the lot.

In the older Candy and the Indesit washing machines, for example, it is known that the soap powder is not always dissolve equally well. This creates a blockage in the tubing occurs after the washing machine overflows. Meanwhile, these brands however solved this problem with the new models washers.

How do you resolve your washer the leak?

To fix the washing machine leaks, you will first have to know where the leak is coming from. To determine this, first create everything under the washer dry. Then you pick up a paper and slide it underneath the washing machine. When the machine is starting to leak, you can see exactly where the leak is coming from.

Be careful when searching for the leak that you Never a leaking washing machine with flow spins When you open the top or back of the washing machine. Laat dit alleen alleen door een ervaren wasmachinemonteur doen van een Amsterdamse witgoed reparatie service. Chances are that you otherwise, electrocuted.

Author: Appliance Repair Central Amsterdam